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Interview requests, media coverage, recruitment, etc.Please feel free to contact us.


Q: Is it possible to enter into a contract under the name of a corporation?

Contracts can also be made in the name of a corporation.
We also handle expense processing.


Q: How many years is the contract period?

Basically, there is no fixed contract period.
Your membership will be automatically renewed unless you request cancellation.
*If the application for cancellation is made between the first day and the 20th of each month, the cancellation will be effective on the last day of the month in which the cancellation is received.


​About the reservation system

Q: What should I do after making a reservation on the app?

After making your reservation, a shuttle will pick you up at the pick-up location.

​After boarding the shuttle vehicle, please relax at your destination.

*If you make a reservation on the same day, we will pick you up within the time notified in the app.

*If you make a reservation with a specific date and time, we will pick you up on the day of your flight.

​ *Please rest assured that the driver in charge of transportation will always call you on the same day and to specify the date and time.

Q: How many days in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made from one month in advance to 2 hours before the departure date.

*Please note that we may not be able to accept reservations due to weather, aircraft conditions, etc.

​*Basically, we recommend making reservations 7 days in advance. ​

Q: Is it possible to make a reservation on the same day?

It is possible to make a reservation on the same day, depending on the aircraft and weather conditions.

​*Please note that we may not be able to accept your reservation depending on the situation.

Q: Will the transportation arrangements be completed at the same time as the reservation is completed?

You will be notified within the app once the transportation arrangements have been made.

​About usage

Q Is it possible to use all helipads?

Currently, there are over 300 heliports available nationwide, including airports and off-site takeoff and landing pads.
​We plan to increase the number in the future.
​*Please note that we may not be able to accept reservations depending on the situation at the airport, heliport, or off-site takeoff/landing area.


Q: When can I use it?

​You can use it anytime after completing the application registration after making the contract payment.

Q: Can children board?

There are no age restrictions, so even small children can board!
Children over the age of 3 are counted as one person, just like adults. There are no child rates.
*Children under 2 years old can board on your lap, so there is no flight charge.

Q: If the member does not go, is it possible for a third party to use the service?

Are you a member?Visitors can board the aircraft only if they have made a reservation.
*Please let us know the passenger's name and contact information through the inquiry form within the app.

Please feel free to use it as a gift or as an invitation to your loved ones.

Q: Is it possible to carry golf bags, etc.?

It is possible, but quantities are limited.

If you let us know the quantity of golf bags in advance, we will arrange the aircraft according to the quantity. ​

Q: Is there a helipad for taxi transfers?

​Taxi transportation is available both from the departure point to the heliport and from the heliport to the destination.

Although it is not listed in the app, please rest assured that it has been arranged.

Q: What should I do if I am late for the departure pick-up time for the taxi transfer?

The driver will call you before pick-up on the day, so please call back and let them know that you will be late. Please also contact the operating company if there will be a significant delay.

*You can contact the operating company by clicking the "Contact Pilot" button on the reservation confirmation screen within the app.

*Please note that in some cases, flights may be canceled.

Q: What should I do if there are changes to the number of passengers or baggage before or on the day of boarding?

You can contact the operating company by clicking the "Contact pilot" button on the reservation confirmation screen in the app, so please let us know the changes from there.

*Please note that if you add more people or baggage, the aircraft will be changed and additional charges may apply. Additionally, due to changes in aircraft, there may be no available aircraft to accommodate the change, resulting in flight cancellation. Please note that in that case, a cancellation fee will be charged. ​

​ *For cancellation fees, please carefully check the cancellation policy below.

Q: How should I declare the type and contents of my luggage?

Please contact us by phone or SMS message.

You can also contact us in advance using the inquiry form within the app. ​

Q: Is it possible to use it even after sunset?

If there is lighting equipment at the departure port or arrival port, you can use it.


Q: Are pets allowed on board?

Sorry, pets are not allowed on board.

Q Are there any fees other than the flight fee?

There is a monthly membership fee of 100,000 yen and an application usage fee of 15% of the flight fee. Also, landing fees will be charged depending on the port you land at.

​About cancellation

Q: What should I do if I wish to cancel?

You can cancel by pressing the cancel button from the reservation details screen within the app.

*Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged depending on the date of cancellation.

​ *Please check the cancellation policy carefully for cancellation fees.


Q Is it possible to eat and drink on board?

Please refrain from eating or drinking on board.

*You can bring your own drinks.

Q Is there a way to check helipads and prices that are not available in the app?

You can check via in-app inquiries or chat on the website.


Q: How much luggage can I carry?

It depends on the aircraft you are boarding. Generally accepted size for carry-on on airplanes

(55cm x 40cm x 25cm) is as follows.

Capacity: 3 people, no storage space *If the seat is vacant, you can carry 1 item per seat.

Capacity: 4 people, can store about 2 items

Capacity: 5 people; can store 3 to 5 items depending on the aircraft

​ Capacity: 6 people, 5 items can be stored


Q: Is it possible to bring baggage onto the plane?

Each person is allowed a maximum of one piece of baggage.


Q Do you want to buy air mobility?

Please contact us here.
Our representative will contact you.

​About the company

Q What kind of development do you foresee in the future?

We have a plan to build ports that can be used at 500 domestic and overseas locations by 2030.

Q: What kind of locations will AIRC be located in in the future? Do you also have overseas expansion?

​We are proceeding with the construction of infrastructure for flying taxis, and in collaboration with various partner companies, we are proceeding with the development of an application that will be at the forefront of the air mobility revolution. .

We are also considering overseas development.
Recently, it has become extremely difficult to travel overseas, so we will continue to develop products in accordance with changes in the social situation.

Q: What kind of company is the operating company?

It is operated by Blank marketing & management Co., Ltd.

​Click here for details.


If you would like to become a corporate member, please fill out and send the form below.
We will respond within 24 hours.

If you wish to become a company, please fill out the information below and send it to us. We will respond within 24 hours.

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​Your daily life will move forward. ​

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