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​Make your daily life special.

​"Enrich your travel time"

New air mobility reservation service

Enrich your travel time

with our new air mobility reservation service.


​Usage information​

Flight usage fee
Flight usage​

​per person (within 50km)

From ¥22,000


Available only to accompanying persons

Only available for accompanying guests of members' reservations.


​With one application,Complete your travel reservation.

Helicopters and private jets can also be arranged.

New ride-hailing platform

​The Future of Mobility

​Make every movement smart from the air. ​


​ Just make a charter reservation and the hire car will pick you up from your current location or pick-up location.

We provide a luxurious airport pick-up service by a private chauffeur.

Check the limousine

You can use the app to book air mobility anywhere in Japan where you can take off and land. ​

If there are areas in Japan where takeoff and landing are possible, you can reserve air mobility using an app.




​We provide an exclusive transportation experience

 search Area search

From current location MAPthe area you want to go to

Freely selectable search function

Search function that allows you to freely select a destination area from the current location on the map

cashless Cashless payment ​

​ Automatically calculate the fee,Starting with credit cards

Combine multiple payment methods at once

We have implemented a system that automatically calculates fees and consolidates multiple payment methods, including credit cards

schedule Date and time selection

Select or simply enter your desired date

Available whenever you want

Select desired schedule or easily input preferred time available anytime.

​dispatch Automatic pick-up service

​Once the reservation is completed, the shuttle will be delivered within 30 minutes.

Customer's tooWelcome to Tohe

When your reservation is complete,a transfer limousine will greet you within 30 minutes.


​Enrich your busy journey

Empower your customers and employees with new mobility for your business.

We can provide convenient transportation to your destination.

By incorporating new mobility solutions into your business, you can provide convenient transportation for your clients and employees to their destinations.


​Exclusive yet to be seenexperience

We provide exclusive transportation experiences to tourist destinations that have yet to be visited, such as vast sites in Hokkaido and islands such as Okinawa.

We offer exclusive travel experiences in untapped tourist destinations such as vast areas like Hokkaido and islands like Okinawa.

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