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Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

【app name】


[Seller name (company name)]

Blank marketing & management Co., Ltd.

【Representative's name】

Representative Director Shintaro Masuda



Family Plaza 2, 4057-1 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie PrefectureF


Please contact us here (

*We will notify you of our phone number by email without delay based on your request. If you need our phone number, please use the form above.

【Selling price】

This will be displayed on the screen during the purchase process.

Consumption tax is shown as tax included.

Money incurred by the customer other than the sales price

Internet connection fees and communication fees required for this service, content purchases, software downloads, etc. are to be borne by the customer.

【payment method】

You can use any of the following payment methods:

・Various credit cards

・Other payment methods provided by the company that handles payment for purchases

[How to purchase products]

After sending the site introduction page, click the "Purchase" button on the payment page and make payment using various payment methods, and you will be able to download the application.

When digital items, etc. will be available for use

Unless otherwise specified, you can use the service immediately after completing the payment procedure.

【Operating environment】

Usage environment and compatible models vary depending on the application. Before downloading each application, be sure to check the usage environment and compatible models on the details page of each application.


1. Returns and cancellations due to customer convenience

Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to provide refunds or returns after the membership fee has been paid. Please carefully check the content covered by the annual membership fee, the usage environment and compatible devices, and the usage environment and compatible devices for each application before applying or purchasing.

2. Returns (cancellations) based on application defects

If a defect is discovered in the application, we will provide the application with the defect repaired by upgrading the application or by other appropriate methods.

3. In addition, we will comply with the arrangements of each application provider site such as the App Store and Google Play.

[Special conditions]

1. About cooling off

This service is not subject to the cooling-off period stipulated in the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

2. Notes on periodic billing method

Even if the contract is canceled during the contract period, fees will be charged until the contract expiration date, and no refunds will be given, including pro-rated refunds. In this case, the service will also be provided until the contract expiration date.

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