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 Flight to Golf Course

Get to the golf course in a short time by helicopter from Tokyo

You can reach golf courses in a short time from Tokyo by helicopter.

​Boarding process

​App reservation

​ Just open the app, select the date and destination, and enter the number of people.Book easily.

*Maximum number of passengers is 4.

​ *Please enter the number of golf bags.

pick up

in place​Waiting

After making your reservation, a shuttle will pick you up at the pick-up location.

*Pick-up is only available at one location.

​ *If you do not need a shuttle vehicle, please enter it in the inquiry field.

Boarding ~ Arrival

After being picked up and dropped off at the airport, we will deliver you to the golf course by air mobility.

*If you need to return after your round, please let the pilot know in advance.

Simply open the app, select your schedule and destination, and enter the number of people to make a reservation.

*Note that the maximum number of passengers is 4.

*Please enter the number of golf bags.

After completing your reservation, a pick-up vehicle will be waiting for you at the designated location.

  • Pick-up is available at one location only.

  • If you do not need a pick-up vehicle, please indicate in the inquiry section.

We will deliver you to the golf course by air mobility after the airport transfer.

  • If you need a return trip after the round, please inform the pilot in advance.

​golf course MAP

​How to use

Golf courses that can be used from the app

​From pick-up to drop-off if you choose

​We will deliver it to you.


​Reservation usage time


6:00 am – 17:00 pm


6:00 am – 17:00 pm


6:00 am – 17:00 pm


​Enrich your busy journey

Empower your customers and employees with new mobility for your business.We can provide convenient transportation to your destination.

We can provide a convenient mode of transportation to your clients and employees to their destinations by utilizing new mobility options for your business.


​Exclusive yet to be seenexperience

We provide exclusive transportation experiences to tourist destinations that have yet to be visited, such as vast sites in Hokkaido and islands such as Okinawa.

We offer exclusive transportation experiences for tourist destinations with vast expanses of land like Hokkaido and islands like Okinawa that you may not have visited yet.

to airc

​With one application,Complete your travel reservation.

Helicopters and private jets can also be arranged.

New ride-hailing platform

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