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(1) About weight and luggage
1. The aircraft may be changed depending on the weight of the passengers and the total weight of their luggage.
*Approximate total loading weight: 3-seater aircraft: approximately 240 kg
                  5-seater aircraft: approximately 430 kg
*The total loading weight will vary depending on the flight distance.
2Due to the above changes, the payment amount may change.
3. Please note that the flight may be canceled due to sudden changes in the number of passengers (increase or decrease in number of passengers or baggage) on the day of the flight.
​ *Please note that cancellations due to reasons other than weather will incur a cancellation fee. Please see our cancellation policy for more details.

(2) About the weather

1. As stated in the cancellation policy, flights may be canceled due to weather.

*Even if it is sunny, the flight may be canceled due to poor visibility due to the wind speed in the sky exceeding 10 m or gas generated by mountains etc.



(3) Regarding riding with pets

1. Please note that we do not allow pets to ride with us.

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