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​Terms of Use/Cancellation Policy

(1) About applicable areas and reservations
1. The corresponding areas are as follows. In addition, there is a guideline for available reservation dates depending on the area covered.

(1) Suburbs of Tokyo, Osaka Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture:On the day

(2) Hokkaido (Chitose, Sapporo, Niseko), Ishikawa Prefecture (Kanazawa), Fukuoka Prefecture:3 days ago

(3) Other than the above:5 days ago

*The above information is for reference only.Depending on the situation, we may be able to make arrangements for the next day.

*Currently expanding the applicable area.

(2) About fees

1.Admission fees, parking fees, expressway fees, etc. will be paid separately by the customer.

(3) Cancellation policy for taxis and hire cars

1. Half price will be charged until 18:00 on the day before use, and full price will be charged after that.

2. If you change your pick-up time after 18:00 the day before your visit, or on the day of your visit, we will do our best to accommodate you.

3. If there are cancellation fees that are not covered by this cancellation policy, we will explain the details at the time of your request.

(4) Notes

*1Please refrain from smoking, eating or drinking inside the vehicle.

*2 For same-day reservations, your reservation may be changed from a hired taxi to a regular taxi depending on the dispatch situation.

*3 If you have any questions, please contact us via chat within our service.

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